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Significations of signs/Raasis as in Naadi Astrology

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Post a Comment. Pages Home. Chandra Sukra is in the rear sign and. Chandra is in the front sign. The mother and wife are. He is. Sandwiched between these. Sister is also not. Sukra is located in the 2 nd sign from Sani,. He is having his own house,. Surya aspects Sani both are in same sign.

He is working in Government Factory. Budha aspects Sani both are in same sign.

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He is running Stationary shop. He was working as Carpenter. Guru aspects Sani 3 rd aspect. He is comfortable in Career.


Natal Guru aspects. Transit Sani 7 th aspect. Natal Sani and. Transit Guru are. He got appointment in a Govt. In the birth chart,. Sukra is located in. Simha, therefore natal. Sukra aspects transit Guru. He got married,. Natal Guru is located in. Natal Guru. Combines with transit Guru. He had a male child.

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Natal Budha and Natal. Ketu are located in. Kataka rasi. Natal Budha. Combines with transit. He had land dispute with. Natal Sukra aspects. Transit Guru as well as. Transit Sani. He constructed a house,. In the birth chart, Budha. Signs Kataka and vrichika. He had a love affair. He had land dispute. Natal Guru and natal. Surya aspects transit Sani. He had political influence. Natal Budha aspects.

Look up or look down?

He opened a Stationary. Guru and Sukra both are located in the same. He is looking handsome. Surya and Budha are aspecting Guru. He is very kind, co-operative and. Chandra and Rahu are located in. Chandra-Mother, Rahu-widowhood. His Mother was a widow. Sukra aspects Guru 5 th aspect. Sukra-wife, Guru-self ,. Surya aspects Guru 3 rd aspect.

Surya-son, Sukra-daughter. He is very much attached to. Guru and rahu are located in the. He is suffering from Rheumatic pain. Sani and Kuja are in the same sign. He is suffering from Stomach ulcer. Guru, Sukra and Rahu are located. The native and his wife are often. Surya and Ketu are located in the same. Guru is located in the 11 th sign from Surya. His father was enjoying honour. One of his son will. One of his son will attain.

Sani, Kuja and Chandra are located in. He is farmer by profession. Kuja-earth, Chandra-water.