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Think of this as a great day to get a facial, either at the spa or at home. The renewing, soothing energy is perfect for getting rid of old gunk and taking care of any flare-ups or irritation. A cool bath with purifying salts and nourishing oils in the light of the bright, waning moon would also be particularly renewing right now. As Cancer season starts to wind down, make time to soak up its watery, caretaking energy.

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Your ruler, Mars, is in your sign, and this full moon is pushing you center stage. Doing for the sake of doing and achieving for the sake of collecting achievements is going to leave you feeling empty and hollow, but you know this already. Just be careful this week, so that when you have a chance to make an impression, it really counts. Use this Verb Hair Ghost Oil to make sure your hair is looking shiny and sleek for your moment in the spotlight. Confrontation and opposition are in the air, challenging your even-keeled nature.

This week is really important for relationships that have to do with your income or career, so let your temper take a backseat and channel the grounding earth sign energy of this Capricorn full moon. State your case, demand the respect you deserve, and refuse to engage with any petty, silencing tactics or gaslighting.

In fact, you probably have already, several times. On top of that, your dual nature is actually kind of thriving off of all the conflicting energy out there in the universe this week. When opposites combine, you get to bring both sides of yourself together and make the biggest impact and get the most done. Knowing you, you may already have found a way to turn your creative passion into a side hustle and are making money off of having fun this month.

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Remember when I said everyone was getting a bit of a break this week? This may feel like a personal affront — this is supposed to be your season, after all. The sun shining on Pluto this week will make those unproductive emotions glaringly obvious and help you deal with them. You know that beauty can be transformational and that it can be found in intentional order just as much as in creative chaos. Make sure to make time to do the things that will help you heal yourself, too.

You deserve it.

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You may face an argument in one of your personal relationships, but resolution is attainable. You may feel pulled to travel by the weekend, so look into going on an overnight trip or start planning your next big vacation.

You will especially have to be firm about getting respect from people who are trying to take advantage of you in your professional life. Tap into your wilful, cunning side with the help of deep, dark Pluto and use it to your advantage. I know you take heat for being vicious, but sometimes what that really means is that you stand your ground and accept no B.

Feed into those Scorpio stereotypes this week. Throw on this Rituel de Fille Forbidden Lipstick for an intimidating shade with a rich formulation. The past few weeks have been teaching you about finances and helping you become more feel more stable about the physical, tangible things it takes to build a life. The President now has Mars coming to meet his control and legislative planets of Saturn and Jupiter. A thoughtful and measured approach is called for.

The USA right to bear arms predates even the revolutionary war. The USA was then a British colony and the rights of Protestants bearing arms was part of colonial law. Is it curious astrological coincidence that virtually on the same December date of these government acts that a school shooting would put this act under public scrutiny? Could this ensure, against all odds, that there will be a legislative change, in the light of the Sandy Hooks Elementary School massacre.

The USA was formed at The US Mars is situated in the information sign of Gemini and school massacres are fairly common.

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Since the Columbine massacre the US have witnessed thirty-one school shootings, more than double that of the entire world. That is where the mythology of the gun has been interwoven into US culture and indelibly in its media and entertainment industry. From Columbine High School became world famous when two crazed students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris shot thirty three students, killing eleven and one teacher.

Since that day the US gun lobby has faced increasing pressure from a concerned public about school shootings, and easy access to lethal weapons. When the right to bear arms becomes more important than the right to life, real liberty is under threat. Makes you wonder what guns are actually designed for then. The National Rifle Association horoscope has a combination of Saturn, the planet of conservatism and apprehension, united to Mars.

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Much of the gun debate is based around fear, loss of liberty, and largely fueled by traditional connections to the distant past. Pluto is also the agent of deep and cathartic change, and brings suppressed and hidden elements to the surface. He was an honors student at Newtown High School, and he came from a well-educated, respected family. His horoscope may offer some concrete clues, as this normally well-behaved individual, did not really develop close enduring friendships.

Adam was said to be shy and withdrawn, living in his own world. That is classic Venus Neptune and the escapist tendency, which plays out powerfully in his birth chart horoscope, as they are in square.


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Adam also had Venus in square to unpredictable Uranus. This double influence suggests inconstancy within relationships. Astrologically this is much more in keeping with the lack of empathy that he may have exhibited. Adam was also born with a Taurean Sun semisquare the more aggressive Mars.

On the days before the shooting the anger planet of Mars was activating his Venus Uranus Neptune relationship axis. There are other indications of difficulty with articulating emotions contained in his reserved Capricorn Moon in square to Mercury the communications planet from birth. Here the rational mind and emotional self can be finding themselves literally at cross-purposes.

His Mercury is also forming a difficult angle to obsessive Pluto. Whilst this can help with studies, it also creates an intense mental focus.

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Mercury also rules students and primary or elementary educational institutions. The combination of militant Mars to Mercury and also the Pluto intensified angry responses. This behavioral change may have been apparent even before the shootings. The Yod forces one to recognize uncomfortable adjustment and deal with it through sacrifice.

If a civilized society cannot move on from its divisive and degenerative mistrust, fear, and paranoia that has almost half of all Americans owning a gun, then there is no need to worry about any apocalypse on December In the USA — it will have already happened. DEC 9. The Sun, exactly opposite, shone directly on Jupiter, bestowing maximum brightness that evening onto the regal planet.

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At Jupiter had signaled the royal birth of the expectant father, Prince William, many years prior. It stood directly above London when he took his first breath at 9.

Jupiter was also prominent in the Royal Wedding horoscope of April 29 at BST as the couple exchanged their vows. See the royal wedding horoscope here. Jupiter was then joined to Mars, which ruled the fifth house of children, in the wedding horoscope.