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For us the teachings of those who know the truth are enough. Narayana 2 Atharva Veda Samhitha Vol 6 Sivaramakrishna Sharma 51 Karathala Samskruthi Vedantam Vishnu Battacharyulu 53 Keyurabahu charitra Certain combinations that appear valid are given below :. For males, Mars is malefic in 1st and 8th house and is benefic in 3rd house. However for females, it is malefic in 1st and 3rd houses and is benefic in 9th and 11th.

It is almost neutral in 4th, 7th or 12th house where it is considered full of dosh in classical texts. Mars in own sign in 7th house forms Ruchak Yoga, one of the Panchmahapurusha Yoga. Yoga karaka Saturn occupies 10th house, but in an unfriendly sign.

Spiritual astrology ekkirala krishnamacharya movie

The aspect of Saturn on Sun in the 7th house caused death of his father at the age of 13 years, due to which he had to face hardships. During Mars dasa in 7th house in mutual aspect with Saturn in 10th house he took part in agitation against the Government in power and was jailed.

During Rahu dasa-Jupiter bhukti in he became Chancellor of Germany. The mutual square aspect between Saturn and Mars not only made him inflict atrocities on the Jews, but also brought about his violent end. He committed suicide at the fag end of Rahu dasa- Moon bhukti on the fall of Berlin to Allied forces. Rahu becomes maraka being in 7th house from Moon, and Moon is samsaptak from dasa lord. Yogakaraka Saturn is posited in the 2nd house in inimical sign. This planetary setting inclined Gandhiji towards austere spirituality.

Rahu is in 10th house.

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In Rahu dasa Rahu bhukti he was arrested for Civil Disobedience Movement and on release became a national leader. The whole of Rahu dasa kept him engaged in independence struggle, and he wielded considerable influence in Government without occupying any office. He was shot dead in Jupiter-Sun. His Rahu dasa was influenced by Saturn.

Exalted Yogakaraka Saturn in lagna forms Sasa Yoga. It is conjoined with 9th lord Mercury. Their location blessed her with sharp intellect, confidence, fame and high status in life. Rahu is posited in 10th house and aspected by Saturn.

Rahu dasa operated from September, to September, She lost power in with the start of Jupiter Dasa lord of 3rd and 6th house in 3rd. Thus Rahu dasa gave her the result of exalted Saturn in Lagna and she enjoyed name, fame and authority. Yogakaraka Saturn posited in exaltation sign in Tula lagna forms Sasa Yoga.

It aspects Rahu in 10th house. Saturn dasa is not likely in his life. Rahu dasa operated from February, to February, and delivered the excellent result assured by exalted Yogakarka Saturn and bestowed name, fame and political success. He occupied different important positions in government, remained leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, and finally became the Prime Minister of India in Popularity and Downfall in Life. A person becomes popular when the Lagna and Lagna lord are very strong and there are other supportive powerful yogas in his horoscope.

The dasa-bhukti of strong Lagna lord and yoga forming planets should run during his youth and middle age, when the native can put in maximum effort and work hard to reap the reward.


Success and popularity is the result of strong destiny and sincere and dedicated efforts to unfold it. If these are strong and their lords are also strong along with strong Lagna and its lord, the person becomes popular and gets recognition for his work. Saturn is the significator of masses. When it is strong and favorably placed, the person achieves mass following. Venus in Sagittarius is reputed to give much name and fame.

Mercury in 8th house makes an individual capable, rich and famous. Similarly, malefics placed in evil 6, 8, 12 house destroy the negative effect of those house and confer recognition and success on the native. The Moon stands for personality of a person and Jupiter indicates expansion.


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Their harmonious location in birth chart makes the native successful and popular. The Kendra location of Moon and Jupiter is known as Gajakesari Yoga, which is reputed for conferring name, fame, wealth and reputation on the individual. Another yoga which helps a person born in ordinary circumstances to rise in life due to destiny and hard work is Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. In addition, Vipreet Raja Yoga gives sudden rise, but if there is no supportive Raja Yoga, the down-fall follows.

Conversely, downfall takes place during the dasa-bhukti of planets forming Arishta Inauspicious Yogas. The dasa-bhukti of functional malefics Lords of 6, 8, 12 house and badhaka obstructive planets also cause downfall of the native. It is also observed that some persons rise to a very high position, but also suffer sudden downfall and their reputation and public image gets smeared. The Karka of mind Moon is also 5th lord and highly fortified by the aspect of exalted Jupiter, which conferred intuitive and receptive mind with versatile imagination.

The conjunction of Mercury with poetic Venus in 2nd house made him a successful poet, painter and philosopher. Tagore was conferred Nobel Prize for literature in during Moon dasa-Mercury bhukti. During Rahu dasa he toured Europe, America and Japan and met local authors, thinkers and statesmen. He passed away on 7th august, in Jupiter dasa-Jupiter Bhukti.

Generally, strong Lagna Lord Jupiter should not cause death, but it is in the Nakshatra of Mercury which is a powerful marka both by ownership of 7th house and its location in 2nd house. Jupiter in Kendra to Moon forms Gajakesari Yoga.

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The aspect of Jupiter on Lagna and presence of Mercury in Lagna Gives keenness of mind and humanitarian approach. The Lagna in Papkartari Yoga gave him frail body, but presence of Mars in Lagna made him energetic and active.

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  • Swakshetre Moon is with Rahu due to which his mind was never at rest for one reason or the other. However, Libra Lagna gave him calm and balanced approach in the face of greatest provocation. Jupiter is in 10th from Moon and aspected by Lagna Lord Venus and 9th lord Mercury, which gave him mass following for a noble cause.

    The presence of Rahu in 10th from Lagna is always indicative of some notable work by the native.

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    The commencement of Rahu dasa in brought Gandhiji into active independence struggle and he made a call for Swarajya self rule. In Rahu dasa-Rahu bhukti Gandhiji was arrested for civil disobedience campaign. He was released in Jupiter Bhukti. He started mass civil disobedience and was again arrested in His non-violent struggle made him world famous.

    The independence of India was finally realized in August, but Gandhiji was unhappy because of the partition of the country and suffering caused to millions of people. He advocated for restraint and humanitarian approach and even went on hungerstrike for Hindu-Muslim harmony. As a result he was shot dead by a Hindu fanatic on Lagna lord Saturn is in Kendra in friendly sign owned by Yogakarka Venus. Lagna lord Saturn aspecting Lagna and 10th house gave him success through hard work, name, fame and wealth.

    Yogakarka Venus in 8th gets Neecha Bhanga in the company of exalted Mercury. Airy sign in Lagna and Moon in 9th has given him excellent thinking mind.

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    The aspect of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter on the 2nd house gave him an impressive voice, expressive face and expertise for portrayal of different roles and excellent success in film line. Jupiter in 10th from Moon forms Gajakesari Yoga. He tasted success in films with the start of Lagna lord Saturn dasa which is located in 4th house public and aspects 10th house profession.

    His excellent voice and dialogue delivery scored over contemporary heroes and he continued to give hit films during Mercury dasa 5th lord exalted in 8th as well. However, as Uranus is with Saturn, and aspects a bunch of planets in 8th house and also 12th house, Amitabh also faced sudden and serious health and financial set-backs during adverse bhuktis and transit. Because of his popularity countrywide prayers were offered by his fans for early recovery from serious health problems. With the beginning of Ketu dasa from January, , which is posited in Lagna in Rahu Nakshatra and unfavourable transit, he is in the midst of controversies.

    Lagna and Larna lord Mercury are vargottam. The debilitation of Mars in 11th house gets cancelled because of its being with sign lord Moon.